Do you know what you’re signing? A brief Glossary of Terms in Real Estate Contracts

Often, I see a Real Estate contract that I KNOW the Buyers and Sellers don’t fully understand. Each time it happens, I’m more perplexed. How could a person sign a 9 page document committing them to the largest transaction of their life without having a full understanding of the terms? Some folks might call this […]

Your assumptive agenda is likely a limiting belief

Goals and aspirations create the vision of where you’re heading . . . Your personal agenda is your pathway which you forge over time. As with the blazing of any new trail (Path), there will be dead ends, obstacles, danger, and your inability to over-come the FEAR of all of those uncertainties is probably the […]

The PERFECT Home Buyer:

Finds the right REALTOR and signs a Buyer Representation Agreement – most likely by referral from a family member, friend, work associate, or me 🙂 Meets with said REALTOR to talk about wants and needs, learn about the process, and develop a strategy for accomplishing the goal Calls and subsequently meets with the right mortgage […]

10 Questions every Home Buyer Should Ask Before Doing anything

After 20 years of helping Home Buyers find and purchase homes, I’d love to report that “I’ve seen it ALL” with respect to the myriad twists and turns each of my clients takes as we navigate through the process . . . but every deal and every client is unique and some are easier than […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Reticular Activator, Meese & Muffins, Halloween, Real Estate

Good Monday Morning! If you’re a banker, you’re off today while most of the rest of us are working feverishly to move forward 🙂 Hope I didn’t scare you with the title. How can “Reticular Activator, Meese & Muffins, Halloween, & Real Estate” all be glued together to create any kind of coherent message? I’m […]