When things don’t go as planned . . .

Who’s to blame? We seem to be in a world of judgement and casting blame. Every day, we encounter circumstances failing to happen according to our well-intentioned plans. Critics salivate at the first whiff of disarray, and they POUNCE! Who will take responsibility for this train wreck? I believe it’s situations like this which bare […]

Process? . . . Event?

At the end of the day, what happened? Did you start the day with a plan? Did the day go as planned? If not, where did it go awry? Whose fault is it? Does it REALLY matter whose fault it is? If you’re POSITIVE it was someone else’s fault, what part of it might you […]


It’s not ALWAYS true that “You pay for what you get!” Sometimes you get a bargain . . . Sometimes you feel gypped . . . One man’s bargain is another man’s gyp . . . It’s all relative to your expectations. I personally am astounded by people who think a $7.25 cup of coffee […]