10 days of pure, adrenaline pumping ACTION following striking a real estate deal

Done right, a house Buyer (With the guidance of a trusty REALTOR) can set up a real MIRACLE! The 7th step of successfully (and SMOOOOTHLY) buying a house requires pure focus and attention to detail. This “First 10 Days” after Binding Agreement Date are critical. It is during this period of time when the deal […]

Great House Buying Negotiating Technique May not be what you think it is

Step 6 in the House Buying process is the NEGOTIATION! Sometimes, it’s what you DON’t do that makes the difference. There’s no need to be a bully. When you’re being bullied, sometimes the best response is loving, tender kindness (It drives’m nuts). The best strategy is to have one. This isn’t a race . . […]

Analysis, Strategization, and Negotiation Prep

The more a Buyer knows about the House and Seller, the smoother the negotiation will be. Step 5 is all about doing appropriate analysis and due diligence to properly equip the House Buyer with all the information needed to make an informed offer and build a strategy for the ensuing negotiation. When we do this […]

Step 4 of the House Buying process is the FUN part but may require patience

It’s time to start touring Houses. Yep! You’ve “Graduated” from Steps 1-3. Step 1 – You’ve found just the right REALTOR to guide you through the process and had a productive Initial “Listening Consultation.” Step 2 – You’ve “Pre-Qualified” your Expectations and Financial ability. Step 3 – You’ve done your Home Work and have a […]

Where’s your HUB? and other great questions to answer during Step 3 of the House Buying Process

THIS step is about YOU (House Buyer) doing your Home-Work. If you already live in the area in which you intend to buy, you probably don’t need the assistance of an expert to guide you along. If you DON’T live in or know about the area perhaps you DO need an expert to get you […]