Property Condition Twilight Zone

One of the most exasperating phases of a real estate transaction is often the Home Inspection and resolution. Here’s how this saga goes . . . The owner of the house has a significant life change that necessitates selling the house. This change could be for wonderful or not so wonderful reasons, but regardless, selling […]

One sure-fire way to kill a real estate deal based on the home inspection

SMH! I first encountered this acronym on Facebook when I asked a friend why he got fired from his job. His simple reply was: “SMH!” Not wanting to expose my ignorance, I did some research (Googled it) and found this definition in the Urban Dictionary. “Shaking my Head” There now . . . You’ve already […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Water

There is not much better than an ice cold glass of water on a hot summer day. Most everyone knows that life wouldn’t be happening without water. Most of our environment is what it is because of water. Water does a LOT of good. Water can also be┬ámischievous. A large percentage of house related structural […]

Debunking Home Inspection Myths

Navigation of the home inspection process can be THE singlemost anxiety producing part of the home buying and selling process. The seller put the house on the market and honestly disclosed all known deficiencies in the Property Condition disclosure. Buyer shows up and makes an offer. The negotiation happens and all parties reach agreement. CONGRATULATIONS […]

The home inspection

Call me crazy, but I feel that Agents for Buyers have some responsibilities that transcend simply “taking the order” (Writing the offer) and arranging the inspection. Oh! Simple little things like: Being present for the inspection . . . Being present for the debrief from the inspector so as to be able to SEE the […]