It’s not ALWAYS true that “You pay for what you get!” Sometimes you get a bargain . . . Sometimes you feel gypped . . . One man’s bargain is another man’s gyp . . . It’s all relative to your expectations. I personally am astounded by people who think a $7.25 cup of coffee […]

Buying and/or Selling a House is a Process not an Event

Buying a gallon of milk is an event. You know what you want, where to get it and have the ability to buy it with cash or credit at the point of sale (Cash Register) which may or may not involve interaction with any other human. Buying a house is a process which typically requires […]

The Loan Pre-Qualification Letter and the Inspection Release

Ask any REALTOR! 2 of the most oft fretted documents by Home Buyers and Sellers are possibly the 2 least significant documents in the transaction (or should be). Here’s my take on each one. Here in Tennessee, our standard contract requires “Notification” to the Seller by the Buyer of the lender of choice as a […]


So much of what we all do centers around expectations . . . ours and other people’s. Our whole society markets to these expectations and works very hard to shape our expectations such that we desire their “expectation enhancing” products. This phenomenon tends to create an environment of insatiable expectations . . . as it […]

Monday Morning Coffee – To Spiral IN or To Spiral OUT?

One of my favorite parts of being a REALTOR is the “Thrill of the hunt” with Home Buyers and Sellers. For some Real Estate Sales professionals, this can be exasperating . . . they just want the client to FOCUS and BUY – QUICKLY! I love the fact that there are no 2 Home Buyers/Sellers […]