Published Real Estate Market Statistics are Old News

Everyone LOVES to talk about what the Real Estate Market is doing. Most REALTORS will report that the very first question asked them by folks is: “How’s the market?” Odds are good that we REALTORS will offer analysis that will not jive/mesh well with what we all hear in the news. It’s not that we’re […]

Must you recreate the wheel?

Everyone knows that having the right tools makes a world of difference when tackling any project. At a minimum, not having (or having and not knowing how to use) said “right tools” contributes significantly to the frustration level of getting this thing DONE! Worst case? DEATH! Of course, there are myriad tweens (Happenings in that […]

Too good to be true

Odds are decent, it’s NOT (true)! Sometimes “incentives” are beneficial, but don’t EVER forget that every business needs to be profitable. Beware the “Bait and Switch” . . . When you find out the deal that got you in their door is no longer available, but we have all this other great stuff you can […]

I trust you know what you are doing!

Armchair Quarterbacks Back seat drivers Know-it-alls These are the banes of existence for professionals. One of shortest conversations you will ever have is that time you let your enthusiasm get the best of you, and you decide to offer your son’s football or soccer coach some advice on how to run a more effective defense. […]

Do you need justification for paying an Expert’s fee?

How many times do you need to LEARN this before you get it?   First lesson: If you have even a touch of dyslexia, think twice before you fire up that new chain saw and start cutting on that tree next to your house. Second Lesson: If you don’t know how to do something, but […]