What if there’s not a Square Hole for the Square peg?

Conventional wisdom says: “You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole!” The implication is that you’ve gotta find a square hole for your square peg, otherwise you’re wasting your time and energy. Then, there are those gurus who suggest that before you start climbing the ladder to success, you should first check to […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The “Intel Inside” of Pareto Realty (and “fixing” the Economy)

Good Monday Morn! For anyone who knows me (or has inquired: “Why “Pareto” Realty?“), knows I’m a wonderer (perhaps also wanderer) and perpetual student of the 80:20 Principle. “It’s ALL 80:20!” . . . In virtually EVERYTHING, this principle applies. A disproportionate percentage of the people/Organizations accomplish the lion’s share of the productivity -“The Vital […]

Life Rhythm Recipe

This week, I facilitated my quarterly “Life Rhythm Workshop”. This session is an introduction to a new (for many folks) way of living such that “Live, Work, & Play” are all able to co-exist in harmony. After the class was over, my friend Sher had missed the session and asked me if she could read […]

“Everything is Moving, Everything is moving.”

My friend Ralph Copleman died a few nights ago. The world will be a different place for many people without Ralph being around to interject his provocative and insightful comments . . . and Poetry. I know Ralph as being a lover of life and a lover of people. While i have really only had the […]