What are your favorite Digital Tools?

Every time I think I’ve found the BEST Tech Tools, someone tells me about others. For sure, we could all make a full time pursuit of staying on the bleeding edge of technology. Of course, as with all things, there is a line of demarcation over which the benefits of adopting new technology provides diminishing […]


In the past 24 hours, I’ve witnessed the whole gambit of dedication. There are 2 meanings of “Dedication” 1. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. 2. the action of dedicating a church or other building. I saw a whole lot of BOTH yesterday . . . Oh yeah . […]

NOW whatcha gonna do?

Strike while the iron’s HOT! Yes! I’m talkin’ to YOU! If you want to get where you’re dreaming of going, this has to be your mantra . . . always moving forward. Intimately aware that everything is moving – ALWAYS! You are resolutely committed to achieving the imminent reward for your consistent and persistent innovation […]