Why Might you WANT to attend the Local Convention and Trade Show?

“I HATE CONVENTIONS!” If this is you, please continue to read. If you HATE conventions, it may not be the Convention’s fault. Could it be that you are simply going about attending conventions wrong? One Primary function of Most (if not ALL) Professional Associations is to put together an annual convention for the members. These […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Why Volunteer?

Good Morning! The coffee is hot and strong this morning 🙂 Why Volunteer? When the Leader of the group asks: “I need 3 volunteers to go over there and help Jimmy!”, most folks “run for the hills” with a whole litany of tactics. Some avoid direct eye contact with the leader by looking at their feet […]


Alice Walker is the new President of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS and was yesterday sworn into office along with the Board of Directors (of which I am a member) at the final Membership Meeting for 2010 of the association. As is customary, the outgoing President Lucy Smith offered a very gracious and moving speech with much gratitude […]