Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Way

Heard in “Adult Religious Education” this Sunday during a very lively presentation about the History of a handful of Saints: “The Little Way – Doing Everything out of LOVE!” The rest of the presentation was very entertaining but paled in impact as I pondered the true power of The Little Way. This was just minutes […]

Yet another reason to live today like there’ll be no tomorrow . . .

It’s so cliche. Do you know how much more time you have to live on this earth? When’s the last time you thought such deep and mysterious thoughts? When you die . . . what do want on your epitaph? Are these morbid questions, or are they worth asking once in a while because we […]

Gratified by all of the Thankfulness :-)

Today, I am full of gratitude for the work I am able to do every day. Every day that I find a new client is a great day . . . as these clients quickly become friends! The past several weeks have been particularly rich with new relationships showing up, and it is very clear […]