Contacts – Calendar – Documents . . . Dancing in the cloud!

During 1/2 time at Saturday’s soccer game, I did a quick check of email from my phone. There, I found the following “ToDos”: Schedule 2 additional houses for the Buyer client I would meet that afternoon Forward a Rental Lease Agreement to a prospect Schedule a coaching appointment Refer a contractor to a client Within […]

Kids and Google Don’t Mix . . . Unless . . .

We’ve learned some lessons in our house thanks to Google+ You know those “Terms of Service Agreements” you agree to every time you join a website? Have you EVER read them? Well, I haven’t either . . . One of our daughters wanted to join Google+ because one of her teachers suggested that students could […]

You don’t get to decide what you see

“Big Brother is watching! and HE decides what you are seeing! How does he decide WHAT you see? He bases it on what he sees you looking at and with whom you associate. He builds algorithms that construct a “Virtual You” He defines you based on his observation of who you are. He filters out […]