Monday Morning Coffee – 60 – 360 – 86400 – 604,800 – 2,419,200 – 31,556.926

60 Seconds in a minute 360 Seconds in an Hour 86,400 Seconds in a day 604,800 Seconds in a Week 2,419,200 Seconds in a Month 31,556,926 Seconds in a Year (For those who are checking my math, The “year” figure doesn’t mesh exactly – It’s the “actual”) What in this world are you DOING with […]

Setting goals doesn’t have to be a BIG, HAIRY, SCARY thing!

Many people will avoid reading this blog post because it has the word “Goals.” I’m thinking the only way I could attract fewer readers would be to add the word “Accountability” 🙂 Why? Setting Goals has gotten a bad rap through the years because of all of hype around it . . . and what […]