You Raised your Hand

Are you ALL IN? Opportunity knocks, and we answer the door. We say: “YES!” with GREAT enthusiasm, and we dive into this new adventure. Whether it be a new client or business opportunity or networking event or educational pursuit, our engagement only starts at that moment we say: “YES!” From that point forward, I believe […]

Be kind (To Yourself)

Yep! Once in while, we all drop a ball (or 2). Sometimes we forget to return a call (or 2). Maybe we get “too busy” and miss an appointment (or 2). Perhaps we make a few promises and fail to deliver a time (or 2). When’s the last time you set a goal (or 2) […]

Map it first!

Before the days of GPS (Back in the day), I remember our vacations and all of the preparation my parents did leading up to the trip. It didn’t always make sense to me, but everything they did was for good reason. The house had to be SPOTLESSLY clean so that when we return (tired) we […]

It only takes ONE!

ONE “RIGHT” Buyer for a house (or whatever it is that you’re selling). ONE great idea to “BREAK THROUGH” the barrier. ONE FOCUS! ONE new lead every day! ONE Marketing Strategy! ONE Discipline ONE Consistent and Persistent ACTION ONE Sphere of Influence (YOURS) “Singleness” beats Multifaceted/Multitasking every time. That on which we FOCUS, EXPANDS! It […]

From Resolution to Reality

Seth Godin wrote a thought provoking post this morning (Imagine that). My observation throughout my life is that “Pain avoidance” tends to squelch forward motion. I’m not talking about the kind of pain you feel when you’re ill . . . That’s pain that might be best addressed with a doctor. Seth’s notion is one […]