The end is HERE!

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Today is the last day of 2015. What’ll be different tomorrow, if anything? Will it just be more of the same? Is this a continuation? For the Optimists in the crowd . . . Is this a BEGINNING and NOT an end? Will we all experience the 5 stages of grief […]

T minus 4 and Counting down

Are you thinking about doing something radically different in 2016? Here we are 4 days from the the New Year, and I’m putting the screws to noodling around my successes and failures in 2015 . . . and imagining how things might/can be different in 2016. What I’m learning about myself and my trajectory is […]

Ready – Set – GO! – Monday Morning Coffee

We learned this at an early age! In almost everything we’ve ever done, we been taught to be prepared . . . such that, when the time is right, . . . we can quickly get “set” mentally, physically, and organizationally to . . . GO! – LAUNCH! – TAKE ACTION! We know that our […]