You can’t teach talent

We all know people we consider to have great TALENT! These folks are “Natural Born” phenomena and seem to perform amazing feats effortlessly. I believe EVERYONE has talent . . . yet many fail to optimize this talent as John Maxwell so eloquently describes in this introduction for his book “Talent is Never Enough” When […]

Know the true face . . .

I’m reading a fascinating “Advance Review Copy” of a novel written by Steve Kubicek (author of “Up and In“) and am already learning quite a bit about the wisdom of George Washington. This quote jumped off the page at me as one of acute relevance in all of our Personal, Professional, and Spiritual lives. “Know […]

Increasing Your Personal Value to Clients may not be as difficult as you might think

When’s the last time you had a client question your VALUE? YOU know the level of service you provide, and YOU are absolutely convinced that what you do for your clients is over-the-top EXCELLENCE relative to the service your competitors provide. The enigma is getting this word out so MORE people can have the benefit […]

“Opt OUT” or “Opt IN”?

We all work both sides of this issue. We don’t like to receive “SPAM” (indiscriminately sent,¬†Unsolicited, bulk Emails) yet most of us do this to other people . . . Whether it be by sending “new Listing” or “Open House” or any other sales pitch banter . . . It’s ALL SPAM. The recipients didn’t […]

Striving to be a “Highly Effective Person?”

Dr. Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is largely to blame for much of my passion for being “Highly Effective” . . . and for helping others learn how THEY can become “Highly Effective.” There’s just something very gratifying and comforting about performing at a high level without letting “them” see you sweat. […]