Get your head in the game and soar

AKA FOCUS! That upon which you focus expands. Focusing thwarts distraction. So you’re overworked and overwhelmed and tired and frazzled to the edge of insanity? Well . . . QUIT doing the same things expecting different results! We all already KNOW this to our core, and we all need periodic reminders. Do more listening and […]

Most Success is accidental . . . or Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Often the heretics succeed while the rest of humanity toils. They’re heretics until that day when they break through (succeed) at which time they become Geniuses . . . A la Bill Gates – Rags to riches  . . . and started the enterprise in the parent’s garage. I am of the belief that we […]

Finding the Open Space!

Great things happen when we seek and find Open Space. Burned in my brain is the mantra of Coach David on the soccer field as he reminds his players to look for the Open Space and go THERE where time opens up and strategies unfold. Always: “Eyes UP . . . What do you see?” […]