8 Unique Scores – the Mark of a Great Team

Success leaves clues. In the game of soccer, the score at the end of the game seldom reflects what REALLY happened on the field. Many games end with very few (if any) points on the board even though one team may have played astronomically better than the other. A term often spoken is simply: “Unlucky!” A […]

Striving to be a “Highly Effective Person?”

Dr. Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is largely to blame for much of my passion for being “Highly Effective” . . . and for helping others learn how THEY can become “Highly Effective.” There’s just something very gratifying and comforting about performing at a high level without letting “them” see you sweat. […]

More effective use of your marketing dollars

Why do you spend money on Marketing? What’s your goal with every dollar you spend on Marketing? Do you think it through to the end before making the choice to spend more? What results do you WANT? More Leads? More Sales? Better quality of life derived from more income? Less work and more play? Easier […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Finding FLOW after the Holidays

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you’ve had a fabulous celebration and have 2011 out of your current reality and are bursting into 2012 with enthusiasm and gusto. Today, many people are still on Holiday, although my suspicion is that most folks are ready to find some “normalcy” and routine after a month of revelry and […]