Surveys are just more noise unless . . .

Within a nano second of completing any purchase, an email will arrive with a request for you to “complete a short survey regarding your recent experience”. This request is showing up before you have even had the time to consider your opinion of the service you just received (or failed to receive). If you’re anything […]

Whatcha gonna do with THAT feedback?

Everyone wants IMMEDIATE feedback ALL the time! When calling companies, I am increasingly being asked by the automated phone tree attendant prior to being connected to a customer Service Representative  if I would be willing to take a short survey at the conclusion of my call? I’ve always wondered if they ask this question on […]

So . . . Do you ask your clients for feedback and/or testimonials after the closing?

The real truth is that I have NOT been asking my clients for feedback and testimonials after the closing. Why not? I haven’t the foggiest clue . . . REALLY . . . Why would ANYONE squander all of that (usually) good MOJO while it’s still fresh? Candid and Construction Feedback is INVALUABLE  (As long […]

Don’t ask for feedback if you’re going to discount the response

I’m often curious how many people/organizations really want feedback? Do they ask for it because it’s a cool thing to do? . . . or because they really want to improve and value their customer’s input? It’s easy to “discount” the feedback you get. This is a “Justification mentality” that could kill your reputation. “OH! […]


Do you know who has the most time to “give” feedback to a business? The dissatisfied customers are the most likely to rant at the first opportunity to offer feedback. Sometimes, competitors will visit the online feedback sites and slam their competition with fake unhappy customer digs. You send a mass mailout to 1000 households […]