Want more Referrals? Try less “I” and more “YOU!”

As I drove up my street this morning, a squirrel carrying a very large nut crossed my path. I commented to my daughter that the squirrels are all very busy gathering nuts these days in preparation for the winter . . . and it occurred to me that there’s another reason Squirrels gather nuts in […]

Feels Like home

Those 3 words are pretty powerful. “Feels Like Home” immediately brings a whole flood of sensory information to the surface in most folks’ minds . . . Smells, tastes, Sounds, Sights, and FEELINGS. Warmth! The brilliant marketers are the ones who can evoke “Feels Like Home” in the minds of prospects. If your business/office “Feels […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Scruples and Family

Good morning! I wrote a mini-novel this morning . . . In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote that the “highest of all joys” came only from having and raising “many healthy children.” Anyone who “deliberately” shunned marriage or who had “a heart so cold . . . and a brain so shallow and selfish” to […]