Just making it up as we go

No matter how dialed in our systems and processes are, we’re still fluid. This is not a choice because everything is always moving. We’ve gotta let go of rigidity and accept the value of being light on our feet – Flexible – nimble – adaptable – adoptable – and less attached to preconceived outcomes. I […]

Non-attachment is enigmatic and important

Did you ever have one of those days that, out of the blue, there’s this recurring theme that shows up all around you? This morning , I woke up thinking about “When things aren’t happening according to the plan”, so I talked about that in my Barrysdrivetime.com (Embedded below). When I got to the office, […]

Expect to be surprised!

Some people don’t like to be surprised. That’s a tough spot they put themselves in, because odds are good that surprises are gonna happen whether we like them or not. Being attached to preconceived outcomes is tantamount to setting yourself up for disappointment and maybe even FAILURE! You might say: “THIS is MY plan which […]