You Have a Friend in the Real Estate Business

Shane Company is a jewelry company that advertises a LOT in our area . . . In fact, their ads run so frequently my daughters have their schpiel completely memorized and can say it in unison: “Now YOU have a friend in the Diamond Business” When I wanted to buy my wife a ring this […]

The Faster I go the behinder I get

“The Faster I go The Behinder I get” is a quote from Lewis Carroll . . . who’d a thought? I’ve seen this quote on t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc . . . and have never seen a “proper credit” nod to the author . . . Maybe that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. In our frenetic world […]

Dropped ball recovery . . . Saving face when you’re the one who dropped the ball

Like it or not, we ALL drop a ball once in a while. Whether it be that we allow busyness to distract us from business . . . or have a brain fart and simply FORGET to follow through . . . or one of our team members blows a gasket and fumbles his part […]

Over and above the call of duty

It’s the┬áSergeant who heroically dives through a hail of gunfire to save one of his soldiers. It’s the Fireman who risks life and limb to save a family from a burning house. It’s the teacher who spends a few extra minutes with a student during lunch or after school to work through the tricky math. […]