It all begins with a decision

So often, we slide along with a free-wheeling approach to life. Yep! Going through the motions day in and day out . . . Life is easier this way because we get to avoid the tension/stress that shows up when we’re living intentionally. The difference between living intentionally and not boils down to THIS one […]

The Struggle creates the loss

When a wild animal gets caught in a trap . . . he’ll panic and struggle so vigorously that the cause of death is exhaustion . . . or he’ll leave a body part in the trap and subsequently bleed to death. Morbid but true. In a soccer match, the easiest way to get the […]

How far will worry and anxiety get you?

I believe that worry and anxiety are the root causes of many health issues . . . High Blood Pressure, Heart failure, and even cancer. My wife believes that “resentment” is the leading cause of cancer. So . . . WHY do we fret so much? What issues do we solve by worrying? Worry and […]