Why your hurry?

Every day I hear of another friend striking out on a new entrepreneurial pursuit/career. BRAVO! For sure, there’s plenty of opportunity for smart, hard working folks with great big, shiny new ideas. I know because I did it myself in 1993 as a full time Real Estate Sales Professional. Back then, I didn’t think of […]

Building a Business and Raising Puppies

Raising 10 puppies is quite an adventure . . . The birth is – well – VERY messy and even somewhat SHOCKING. I’m not sure there’s ANY way to be prepared for that, but thankfully the Dam (Mama dog) instinctively knows what to do and does it with efficiency. The best we humans can do […]

Overcomplication Begs THIS Question

Is this worth the effort? Most people crave simplicity. The easier the process, the smoother the experience. “The Perfect Plan” has, by definition, too many moving parts and is indubitably designed to fail. We see this play out all day long every day. How often does anything of real significance happen according to the plan? […]