Ah . . . The curse of being an entrepreneur

We’re “problem solvers.” If things go wonky, it’s on us . . . no one else. Some want to cast blame on others, but the real truth is that this is what we signed up for. When things go swimmingly well, we celebrate and might even brag a little but not for too long because […]

For those prone to Entrepreneurial Seizures . . .

Steve Jobs! You said: “I want to put a dent in the universe.” . . . and you did just that. Thank you and RIP! I certainly did not know Steve Jobs personally, and I ain’t no bettin’ man, but I’d wager that man led a life that was VERY full of Entrepreneurial seizures. Just […]

OverPriced & UnderWOWed = Invisible

The news this morning carried an undertone of disappointment in the ferocity of Irene . . . and criticism of the media coverage and “Over-Reaction” of public officials. Poor Irene, was ONLY able to do BILLIONS of dollars of damage in most every state near the East coast beginning in North Carolina – but no […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Build it yourself

I see more and more people seeking REAL relationships now that some of the social media mayhem seems to be settling. Folks are “weeding their “Friends” list on facebook, Twitter, and in real life as they seek deeper connections with other people. Perhaps the reality is starting to set in that it’s not how many […]


Momentum builds as a result of the compilation of many single tasks . . . and thereby often creates the illusion (in the eyes of the casual observer) of sudden and awe-inspiring success. when’s the last time you saw a train sprint out of the station? “Overnight success” is almost always a myth. Success shows […]