Divine Intervention?

My daughter had forgotten to print her final draft of her essay before we left for school this morning, so I turned the car around and embarked on the race to get home and than back to her school before the bell. I would need everything to align . . . Traffic lights all GREEN […]

“Showing up” is worth a Million Bucks

Would you like to be a Millionaire? Perhaps you’re not motivated by large sums of money, but odds are good you have aspirations for some level of success. Don’t be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who climbs into a cave and sobs into a bowl of wheaties when things aren’t playing out per your […]

Eyes WIDE Open!

Something I’ve noticed about the most successful professionals I know. They are seen EVERYWHERE . . . and known by EVERYONE! How do they DO that? What’s the secret? We could easily “blame” success on “Luck” or “Inherited Status” or “Superior Intelligence” or “Unnatural Ability” . . . and if we proclaim all of that […]