Call, Text, Email, DM, FB, LI, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Smoke Signals, Morse Code . . .

When the message is IMPORTANT, don’t rely on just one. In this world of instant communication, how is it that so many people fail to communicate? Could it be that there’s no longer a “standard” mode of communication, therefore MIS-communication often happens just because the peeps in the conversation are on different platforms? Back in […]

Connecting the dots

Business shows up in the most mysterious ways sometimes, yet it doesn’t happen accidentally. As we all meander along in life, we strive to do the best with the cards we are dealt. Some people seem to be a lot luckier than others, though! Why? If you really want to know, follow one of those […]

“Can you Hear me NOW?”

You’re Invited Effective Communication (a Mastermind Session) Wednesday May 16 @ 10 AM Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade – 4328 Harding Rd Please RSVP by reply email Verizon made a HUGE impression with this phrase: “Can You Hear Me NOW?” As their little nerd with a cell phone roamed the country pushing the limits with their […]

Effective Communication

How we communicate often differentiates the smooth deals from the nightmares. In this world of high technology, it’s not uncommon to complete an entire real estate transaction without ever getting face-to-face with the other agent. I like it better when I have more familiarity than their picture on my smart phone, don’t you? What are […]

Addicted to Social Media?

Who do you know who you are quite certain is addicted to Social Media? Are You? Let’s be honest . . . Do you communicate with Friends, family, work associates more through Facebook than any other means? Are you taking pictures of most meals? “checking in” everywhere you go? Texting while driving? Do you speak […]