OUCH! A 10 Hour Meeting?

Odds are good that if you were to attend a meeting that lasts 10 Hours, you would want it to be USEFUL and productive use of your time, right? I think most people will answer: “YES!” because time is valuable . . . Once you spend it, you cannot have it back. We all have […]

It may seem clunky to you, but it works GREAT for me.

When I’m working in the office, I always have 2 computers in front of me – My netbook and an old, clunky Desktop. I can get an AMAZING amount of work done with these 2 machines – hopping back and forth like the pilot of a jet fighter. When the system is humming, “the list” […]

A PAIN in the neck!

When’s the last time you popped something in your neck that resulted in IMMEDIATE pain and the sinking realization that it was going to result in days of painful recovery? The frightening part about it is that we can seldom identify the cause. It usually doesn’t happen because of some definable reason or action we […]

So you say you’re a multi-tasker . . .

I know lots of people who pride themselves on their multi-tasking abilities. Don’t judge me, but . . . I hear more of this bragging from women than Men. and . . . I DO believe that most women are better at multi-tasking than most men. Women just seem to be more “wired” to tackle […]

Rush Hour Traffic

Don’t you HATE it? Getting caught in a traffic snarl ┬áis especially exasperating when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. This can turn perfectly happy and well adjusted people into road raging animals. It happens every morning, at lunch time, and again in the evening. A bajillion people go to work at the same […]