Be kind (To Yourself)

Yep! Once in while, we all drop a ball (or 2). Sometimes we forget to return a call (or 2). Maybe we get “too busy” and miss an appointment (or 2). Perhaps we make a few promises and fail to deliver a time (or 2). When’s the last time you set a goal (or 2) […]

“Too Busy”

“Too Busy” is a great excuse for dropping balls. Sort of a justification . . . “It’s really OK that I dropped those balls, I was TOO busy.” Ah yes! Similar to “Slipped through the cracks . . . ” Does that make everything better? Is it REALLY OK that those balls dropped . . […]

Dropped ball recovery . . . Saving face when you’re the one who dropped the ball

Like it or not, we ALL drop a ball once in a while. Whether it be that we allow busyness to distract us from business . . . or have a brain fart and simply FORGET to follow through . . . or one of our team members blows a gasket and fumbles his part […]


The text read: “sorry.busy” This after a whole series of dropped balls and failure to communicate from a “Professional” during a recent transaction. This was a deal that could have closed 2 weeks early (per the wishes of both Buyer & Seller) . . . but didn’t because the lender and Title Co were missing […]