Monday Morning Coffee – igbok

Whatever it is . . . It’s gonna Be OK! REALLY! It IS! We ALL have plenty to fret about. ANYTHING can go wrong and according to Murphy, EVERYTHING will. It usually hits the fan when you least expect it . . . and it comes in 3’s. Sometimes it kicks you when you’re already […]

I’m RIGHT and YOU are WRONG!

“It’s YOUR fault, not MINE!” “That STUPID LENDER is messing everything up by dropping balls.” “The Home Inspector is an IDIOT – That’s NOT broken!” “Termites? REALLY? I bet that Termite Inspector just wants a treatment job.” “There’s NOTHING wrong with that roof – That roofer is self-dealing!” “That¬†incompetent showing center screws up ALL of […]

Drama Infused Negotiation Strategy (DINS)

Negotiations are important! After all, without some level of diplomacy and order . . . any time people have differences of opinion, it serves everyone quite well to have a “process” in place to resolve these differences or agree to disagree (and thereby go separate ways) PEACEFULLY! Each of us has our own “Negotiating Strategy”: […]