Who Ya Gonna Call?

When you’re feeling “Out-Performed,” where’s your Escape Hatch? Who’s there to bail you out when you find yourself under water, overwhelmed, and rendered relatively befuddled and useless? I know I Know . . . You can SEE what you want to accomplish . . . Your Vision is CLEAR, but you have a problem . […]

What’s your time worth?

If you were to charge by the hour for your services, how much would you charge? Let’s put this into perspective. If your income goal is $75,000 Gross per year . . . and you work an average of 40 hours/week 48 weeks (A generous 4 weeks “off”) – that’s 1,920 Hours in a year […]

Posturing for success

The first symptom was an audible “SNAP” and twinge of paralyzing pain in the left side of my neck as I was rinsing my hair in the shower. What followed was an unpleasant several months of a variety quirky symptoms . . . Shooting pains down my left arm, continued discomfort in my neck, and […]

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Seth Godin wrote a provocative little blog post this morning entitled The Hard PartsĀ in which he says: “Today, though, it’s the difficult work that’s worth doing. It’s worth doing because difficult work allows you to stand out, create value and become the one worth choosing. Seek out the difficult, because you can. Because it’s worth […]