Are YOU #1?

REALLY? My friend¬†Joe Calloway¬†(“performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better,” Business Author and Speaker) wrote a post a couple of days ago that continues to swirl in my head. Check it out here: A dangerous assumption you may be making. The wisdom Joe imparts is multidimensional, but I take away the […]

Mailbox Money

I think pretty much EVERYONE would like a regular flow of Mailbox Money. What is Mailbox Money? It’s money that shows up in your mailbox (or bank account) due to little (if any) effort expended my you. Generally speaking, there must be SOMETHING done to initiate the flow of this money, but once it begins […]

How the drama distractions can unravel even the best laid plans

“They” say that very little in life goes according to plan. This applies to good things (like stumbling across a brilliant invention) as well as not so good things (like losing sight of and failing to achieve life goals). Most “plan destruction” happens because of distractions . . . “outside influences” . . . “spanners” […]