How smart is your database?

but first . . . Do you have a database? If your response is: “Negatory!,” I will argue that you DO, in fact, have a database. It may not be well formed or organized. You might be resisting calling it a “Database” because that may feel too sterile/corporate/businessy and not interpersonal enough . . . […]

While visions of Database danced in their heads

Tis the Season to be thinking about lots of things! We have parties to attend and host which means NOW might be the BEST time of the year also to be thinking about cleaning up our databases. Does it drive you CRAZY every year when you’re sitting down to address Christmas Cards, and it dawns […]

Numbers that MATTER – 6 – 39 – 242 – 220 – 569 – 337

Each quarter, I reserve a couple of hours every day for a week to “cleanse” my database. It’s amazing how cluttered that thing can get after 3 months of “normal” business activity. Our lives have gotten so “Raplex” (Rapid and Complex) that NOTHING stays the same for very long. This quarter, my mission was to […]

Your best source of new business is right under your nose!

How do you get it all done? Build your business . . . Service your clients . . . Execute your marketing strategy . . . Handle all of the paperwork (compliance) . . . WHEW! Getting it all done can be EXHAUSTING. What we ALL need more of is LEVERAGE! How can we accomplish […]

Getting YOUR word “out there” (Attracting the Right Prospects)

Below is a “set-up” for our next Mastermind on the Ides of March (3/15 @ 10 AM – Details below) – Hoping you can join us for a lively discussion. We like to think that we can “Market” our biz . . . and prospects will come running from the edges of the earth to […]