Customer Service Pet Peeves

When I call, a human doesn’t answer the phone . . . EVER! I fall into a vortex of phone menus. They gather all the information – my account number etc – and when when I finally get to a real person, I have to give all that info again. The website offers Chat for […]

I quit Cold Turkey

I’m Barry Owen, and I am an Amazon.comoholic! For years, has been there for me and has consistently made buying things easier and easier. With just a few clicks, I could find just about anything I wanted to buy often at lower than retail pricing with no shipping fees, and these things would magically […]

Tale of 2 Customer Service Experiences

Not all Customer Service Experiences are created equally! ALL of them are REMARKABLE! Yet, there’re often EXTREME differentiations in their degree of remarkableness. Some are SUPERB in every way . . . “Remarkably GREAT!” Some are ABYSMAL in every way . . . “Remarkably POOR!” What baffles me most is the number of people who […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Who is the Customer and Does it Matter?

Of COURSE, it Matters if you want to stay in business. I’ve had some rather interesting Customer Service experiences of late. The first few experiences were with very LARGE organizations which had clearly lost perspective as they “Systematized” their processes. There were some smaller organizations, who tried valiantly but fell short of satisfying me (Their […]