What keeps us awake at night?

Sleepless, restless nights happen to most of us. For some folks, what keeps them awake could have a medical reason . . . a mental or physical malady which the right doctor can allay with appropriate treatment. My suspicion, though, is that the preponderance of sleepless nights happen for reasons that have little to do […]


Do you know who has the most time to “give” feedback to a business? The dissatisfied customers are the most likely to rant at the first opportunity to offer feedback. Sometimes, competitors will visit the online feedback sites and slam their competition with fake unhappy customer digs. You send a mass mailout to 1000 households […]

Who is this “Mr Mcguire” guy?

Don’t you love it when you need something done . . . or when something has gone awry, and the person you are dealing with has no power or responsibility whatsoever. This person “serving” you is as helpless as you are and could just as well be a manikin. “We can’t do it that way […]

You’ll never know the total damage . . .

Most people who are under-served don’t offer candid and constructive feedback. They just quietly disappear . . .  and they tell everyone they know their Horror Story about their customer or client “service” experience with the business that under-served. If the story is bad enough, those people will tell other people who will then tell […]