Rush Hour Traffic

Don’t you HATE it? Getting caught in a traffic snarl ┬áis especially exasperating when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. This can turn perfectly happy and well adjusted people into road raging animals. It happens every morning, at lunch time, and again in the evening. A bajillion people go to work at the same […]

Paying dues . . .

So “They” say that you’ve gotta pay your dues before you can taste the fruit. What IS paying dues? Is it an unpleasant thing that we must do? Really? We must slog through nasty misery for a period of time before we can enjoy any level of success or enjoyment? The world “Hazes” us to […]

Lessons from the Dark Horse Studio

I started today with a visit for coffee with a friend at Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, TN . . . WOW! That is one COOL Studio, lodge, retreat . . . Check out their site with pictures if you want to see what a REAL, TOP HIT Recording Studio looks like . . . […]

One reason God gave us opposable thumbs #in

Wiki says: “The opposable thumb has helped the human species develop more accurate fine motor skills. It is also thought to have directly led to the development of tools, not just in humans or their evolutionary ancestors, but other primates as well. The opposable thumb ensured that important human functions such as writing were possible. […]