Not satisfied with the results of your hard work?

I believe that most folks yearn to excel personally and professionally. After all, who wakes up every day with enthusiasm for a full day of hard work that has minimal recognizably positive results? Doesn’t much of the value we bring to our clients and customers derive from our ever improving ability to execute our expertise […]

The essence of you . . .

What makes YOU so special! Have you ever paused the madness of your personal and professional life only for the purpose of pondering your authentic essence? es·sence ˈ- “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.” Simpler said: “What do you stand for?” When you invite people into your […]

It all begins with knowing who your are and what you stand for

When an ice storm hits Nashville, everyone in town understands the importance of traction. Without it, you’re gonna slip and land on your butt (or worse) . . . Your car will not change directions when you turn the steering wheel (If it moves at all), and very little productivity happens because literally the entire […]