The REAL value in blogging

Not all bloggers blog for the same reasons. Some “Bloggers” don’t blog at all . . . their site publishes posts written by “Ghost Writers” who carefully craft each word/sentence/paragraph of every post with “Content rich” words, phrases, structure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their never ending ending quest to show up on the […]

The Next MAJOR Internet Paradigm Shift?

It’s a byte eat byte world out there on the World Wide web IDX Provider blocked by MLS because data was compromised Target security breach exposes MILLIONS of people to identity theft Crye-Leike turns off Zillow and Trulia feeds in Memphis Zillow, Trulia, and REALTOR.COM call EVERY REALTOR daily to sell zip codes Agents sick […]

Growing Pains in Nashville

The effects of Growth and Development Present a double-edged sword. Both of our daughters are growing like weeds. They eat a LOT . . . Sleep a LOT . . . and can be very moody as their bodies adjust to the fast growth they experience in their pre and early teens. We also hear […]

When developing a Niche . . . You gain FREEDOM

Do you homework first! Step 1 DEFINE your Niche Take a look at the volume of sales for ¬†each of the past two 12 month periods relative to the total number of houses or condos in the area of choice. If you see a 15-20% Turnover in a 12 month period, proceed to Step 2. […]

HEY! What are YOU doing?

Please read each of the below questions out loud . . . pause between each: WHAT are you doing? What are YOU doing? What are you DOING? What ARE you doing? WHAT are YOU doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? What happened in your gut with each question? Did some questions feel better than others? Maybe […]