All I wanted for Christmas was . . .

One ENTIRE day off with NO electronics and 100% genuine contact with MY family. Guess what? I got that . . . and MORE! Some would say that my expectations/aspirations weren’t very high this year. After all, EVERY year of my conscious life I have asked for a red Porsche 911 . . . I […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Why Christmas?

It’s gonna be a great day! I saw a recent writing (didn’t capture the source) . . . Oh! Wait! The source is our priest at The Cathedral of The Incarnation here in Nashville. While we all go into our days of Christmas celebrations with all of the trimmings and and gifts, let’s not forget […]

Christmas Eve Eve – Preparing for Silent Enjoyment

Tis the day before the day before Christmas! What’s on your agenda? It also happens to be a Sunday, so maybe Church? Last minute shopping? Party Preparations? Present Wrapping? What’s on your mind? Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a couple of days during which you can have silent enjoyment with friends and family without all […]

Why you give what you give to whom?

Tis the season for giving. For some, this feels like an obligation . . . to give. Others give with some expectation . . . “If you don’t give, you don’t get” For some, it’s all about STUFF . . . “If I give you more STUFF, will you love me more?” In this whirlwind […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Managing the details

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We’re only a few days from the arrival of a new year, and the anticipation is HUGE. What’s 2012 got for us? This is the day after Christmas, and we pulled out all the stops here at the Owen House. We had our traditional “Christmas Eve Rib Feast” . . . […]