When things don’t go as planned . . .

Remember this: “NOTHING of true significance has EVER happened according to plan.” Wouldn’t life be dull if everything you planned flowed perfectly? If this were to happen every time, we wouldn’t need Leaders . . . just efficient Planners. Out of chaos emerges order – eventually and always. This is the dance of life, and […]

Chaos and Readyness

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Are you ready for whatever comes at you? When I was in the Army, most of what we did was to prepare for chaos. The last thing we wanted was to be SURPRISED by something we weren’t prepared (Equipped and Trained) to handle. Virtually all of our […]

“Natural Impulse to Assemble”

Bill Bryson – In his book *A Short History of Nearly Everything┬átalking about the unlikely appearance of life on the Planet earth perhaps as long ago as 3.85 BILLION years seems to boil it all down to “this natural impulse to assemble.” I’d say that his book is a MUST READ for anyone who is […]