A whole new set of skills

Just about the time you think you’ve got the hang of it, something changes. The market swings to the bottom . . . then sits at the bottom for a while . . . and then races wildly to the top. It shifts . . . ALWAYS! In fact, EVERYTHING shifts . . . ALWAYS! […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What d’ya know?

Comfort zones are comfortable, aren’t they? No! Really! Folks could argue: “Why rock the boat if everything is cruising along with relative ease and enjoyment?” I believe there’s a fine line here, over which the comfort zone lulls the patient (us) into a delusional false sense of security . . . and we practice the […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Going Old School

Good morning! Everything is moving – Transforming – Morphing . . . ALWAYS. Just about the time we think we’ve “GOT IT” and can relax . . . The dust settles, and we “hit a stride” . . . Find a great routine that brings nice results and fulfillment . . . then . . […]

“Under Construction”

Is “it” EVER done? Isn’t one of the secrets to living a full and productive life a clear understanding that the JOURNEY matters more than the destination? Enjoy the ride! Ride the wave of Transformation! What keeps us engaged and motivated in the moment is the HOW we progress towards our vision. If we center […]