time for a change

When’s the last time you heard: It’s “time for a change?” The second you heard those 4 words, you knew what they were about . . . The loud and clear message was “out with the old and in with the new.” You’re FIRED! Change is always and everywhere. Change can be good, bad, ugly, […]

Only 3 things we cannot escape

Taxes – Death – CHANGE Oh yeah . . . and gravity Something I’ve observed: Most people don’t complain (much) about their inability to elude the forces of Taxes, Death, and Gravity, but they struggle incessantly to aviod (STOP) change. Sure! Life would be a lot easier and less hectic without all of that change […]

Where Did the BLUE Arrow go?

My trusty smartphone croaked on Saturday. I went through all of the emotional levels – grief, denial, anger, rage, resignation, despondency, and unrealistic hope that it would just come back to life if I fiddled with the battery and power cord enough. Alas! NO! DEAD! So . . . Monday morning, I decided i would […]

Setting up a printer isn’t what it used to be . . .

About a month ago, I decided it was time to supplement (Not ready to replace) my HP 5P Laser Printer (Manufactured October 1996) with a printer that could go faster. Man . . . I LOVE that HP5P . . . For nearly 17 years, it has cranked out crisp black and white documents with […]

Because it’s our POLICY!

I witnessed a phenomenal, enigmatic, problem-solving attempt that ultimately failed miserably because of “Policy.” Without going into boring details, this “training organization” is facing a shift in the demand of the services/classes they offer and were trying to “fix” this problem . . . their customers weren’t showing up anymore. 30 minutes into the meeting, […]