Why you give what you give to whom?

Tis the season for giving. For some, this feels like an obligation . . . to give. Others give with some expectation . . . “If you don’t give, you don’t get” For some, it’s all about STUFF . . . “If I give you more STUFF, will you love me more?” In this whirlwind […]

Monday Morning Coffee – “Celebrate Good Times C’Mon”

It’s been a rare weekend of Celebration in the Owen House. Friday was our “Business Celebration” as our “Baby” Pareto Realty rang in our 3rd year of business. It was a festive day with a nice lunch and many stories. We’re excited about our present . . . a new website which will go LIVE […]

Monday Morning Coffee – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is my wife Debbie’s Birthday, and I am SO glad she was born. Happy Birthday to Deb! We’re going to celebrate YOU today 🙂 Without YOU, all of “this” wouldn’t be what it is . . . and we SO appreciate all you have given us through the years and continue to give us […]