Well . . . the Brochure says it’s FABULOUS!

Would you buy a house without ever having walked through it? No? What if I were to tell you it’s the most BEAUTIFUL house on the planet, and I provided vibrant, glossy 8X10 photos of all the rooms . . . Would you buy it then? No? How ’bout I provide you with testimonials from […]

So you want the perfect house?

Here we are in the swirl of a strong Seller’s market . . . and YOU want a great deal on the PERFECT house? The hard reality is that your choices are vastly different in this market than the market in which you last purchased a house. The Selection of available houses in your price […]

Just prepare the offer, and i’ll sign it!

Wait! WHAT? I’d venture to say that many home Buyers sign offers to purchase houses without having the slightest clue as to what they’re agreeing. I hope I’m way wrong, but the skeptic inside me leans towards the probability that, in this world of lightning fast electronic wizardry, there are a fair number of House […]