Whether You’re thinking about Buying or selling a house, NOW is statistical perfect storm

As the 1st quarter of 2013 comes to a close (on Easter Sunday), I’ve been thinking that this year is exceptional. Literally, the real estate market was VERY different only 6 months ago . . . and ALL of the difference has been GOOD. I know that I (and and the Vital Few @ Pareto […]

Monday Morning (er – afternoon) Coffee – Which Statistics matter now?

Seems there’s a statistician in most every gaggle of people. and did you know that 86.3% of all spoken statistic are made up? We REALTORS talk a LOT about statistics and trends . . . and we study them and make up our own . . . all in the name of being knowledgeable enough to […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Pendulum is swinging

That pendulum is ALWAYS swinging. swings one way, and the sun is shining . . . all is well! swings back the other direction . . . cloudy weather. In the real estate market, that pendulum took a WIDE swing for a relatively long period of stormy weather for Home Sellers . . . During […]

As the inventory dwindles . . . Wants and Needs pendulum

OK Middle TN Home Buyers . . . You’re starting to lose your edge. I know that’s tough news to take because you’ve been on TOP for at least 5 years now, but it’s true . . . y’all have bought more houses than have been listed this year . . . and the pickings […]

Supply & Demand . . . Liquidity and Innovation

When there’s more supply than Buyer Demand, Prices go down and Buyers are at a negotiating advantage. The Sellers must get more creative about how they “package” their wares because EVERYONE is clamoring to snag one of those rare and elusive Buyers. This creates 3 distinct “markets” Some Sellers have enough depth (equity/liquidity) to dump their pricing […]