Larger than life branding

Developing a brand for your business does many things. Being “Larger than Life” might be the initial goal for many businesses . . . That is – Giving the impression to the general public that the business is larger than it really is. What this is about is the never ending competition for “Mindshare” . […]

Becoming the “Expert”

“Experts” are considered to be quintessentially knowledgable, highly specialized people on whom the rest of us mere mortals rely for their sage advice and wisdom when faced with an unexplainable anomaly relating to their area of expertise.  Experts tend to find some level of fame as their commentary generally has an uncanny accuracy as they explain their […]

How Generosity gets you more of what really MATTERS

Yesterday, I decided to start a book club to meet the 1st Thursday of every month @ 10 AM. I’m not sure why. It just seemed like a good thing to do 🙂 I decided the first meeting would be next week which doesn’t give folks much time to find, buy, and read the first […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Without a good story, what’s your plan?

This weekend was a cool weekend. It seems there are a lot of festivals and art shows happening, and I didn’t really get it til I asked an artist why? She told me that it’s a Christmas shopping thing. Artists display their work more in November in hopes of selling more. It all started with […]

Who the heck is “Pareto”, and why is your company named after him?

We named Pareto Realty by design. I wanted our firm’s name to embody in as few words as possible the essence of our purpose as a real estate firm. I knew that what I wanted to birth is a firm which would attract the “right people” who would come together as professionals and find just […]