Some compelling reasons to start writing a BLOG (or to start, well, ANYTHING!)

What’s the worst thing that could happen, if you pull the trigger and start something new? Your ideas might be: REJECTED! Like you invited a bunch of people to a party and no-one show up. RIDICULED! The critics don’t like your ideas and/or you writing style, and the have the gall to TELL YOU! STOLEN! […]

Social Media – Filling in some blanks – Friday 6/10 – Will U B There?

Hope you’re having a great week! In our weekly series of “Guided Dialog Masterminds” each Friday, we are quickly becoming POWERFUL. Join us at any one or ALL of the below classes THIS FRIDAY June 10 @ Pinnacle Bank Green Hills on Crestmoor Blogging – Social Media – WordPress 9-9:45 – Have you heard of blogging […]

So . . . You wanna start a blog, eh?

Many folks have asked me how to do it. Are you ready for this? WRITE! I know this sounds flippant, but the key to blog writing is writing the blog consistently over time. Sure! If you listen to the Lead Generation experts, they’ll all tell you about stuff that (if you think too much) will […]