Safety Requires Participation

As we (along with 10,000 of our closest friends) were walking to the start of the annual Boulevard Bolt – a 5 mile Thanksgiving Morning Run, we approached the parking lot and were following the herd of people streaming¬†along. Few, if any, of the people were paying any attention whatsoever where they were going assuming […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Supporting Small Business USA IS Possible

2 Saturdays ago was “Small Business Saturday.” Last Friday was “Black Friday.” Today is “CyberMonday.” For sure, it’s the spending season. With the economy the way it is . . . and the political maelstrom of the Presidential Election, we are all inundated with NEWS and myriad experts telling what they believe will “pull us […]

How was Black Friday?

Did you trample anyone yesterday? Were you trampled? What’d you buy? Did the marketers win? Did you buy stuff you didn’t originally intend to buy? Did you spend more money than you should have? Were the “GREAT DEALS” you got REALLY GREAT DEALS? Was the experience FUN? I’m not much of a shopper. I tend […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What are you offering other than low pricing?

Black Friday has passed. What a racket THAT is. Retailers scream and yell at the public like a bunch of football coaches at 1/2 time in a close game in an attempt to stir us all into a buying frenzy. WHEW! Right on the heals of Black Friday comes Cyber-Monday (today) . . . the […]