Birthday – Anniversary – New Year?

Whatever you call it, your annual celebration invites the most sacred introspection of your year. When you’re born, you have a Birth Certificate which is legal proof that you were born . . . and when. Same goes for a Business (Firm License) or a Wedding (Marriage Certificate) . . . On that date from […]

Your website – an internet “Tool” to introduce the world to your REAL ASSETS

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PARETO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US  🙂 Today’s Pareto Realty’s 2nd Birthday (License posted 9/14/2012) We are celebrating by giving ourselves a brand new WEBSITE! (With ALL of the bells and whistles) and had our annual birthday lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. The website […]

Today is my BIRTHDAY!

It’s not just any old birthday . . . This one is a decade B’day . . . sliding me into the 50’s. I love Birthdays as throughout the day, there are twists and turns and surprises (more than usual) . . . Folks saying “Happy Birthday” in a variety of ways. My favorites are […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Joy & Adventure!

Good Morning! I’m one of those believers that every day I wake up alive is a great day. The alternative isn’t so appealing. Today’s my birthday . . . and through my many many years on this planet (entering my 50th year), Birthdays have always been a day of personal introspection. Generally speaking, it’s a […]

Monday Morning Coffee – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is my wife Debbie’s Birthday, and I am SO glad she was born. Happy Birthday to Deb! We’re going to celebrate YOU today 🙂 Without YOU, all of “this” wouldn’t be what it is . . . and we SO appreciate all you have given us through the years and continue to give us […]