“Showing up” is worth a Million Bucks

Would you like to be a Millionaire? Perhaps you’re not motivated by large sums of money, but odds are good you have aspirations for some level of success. Don’t be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who climbs into a cave and sobs into a bowl of wheaties when things aren’t playing out per your […]

When great minds come together . . .

Good Morning! Hoping you had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend and are now ready to get back to work as we slide into HOT summer. The past week has been a week of “unfortunate” media reporting which seems to be continuing to sing “Doom and Gloom” with respect to the real estate market. Please remind […]

Cicada Marketing Wisdom

We’re in the midst of the cicada season here in Nashville, and I cannot help but think about cicadas (because they are EVERYWHERE and I think too much). Literally, EVERYWHERE you can imagine . . . there they are . . . in the nooks and crannies, breezeways, cars . . . I’m thinking that […]

It’s not “personal” . . .

Doesn’t matter: How big and strong you are . . . How “bulletproof” you believe yourself to be . . . How marvelous, good-looking and charismatic you think you are . . . How skilful and adept you are at your trade . . . How clean your reputation is and how influential you are […]