Being nice pays dividends

Being nice is an often overlooked productivity tool. Just think about the toll not being nice has on us. Being mean-spirited and nasty is a wrecking ball for any and all efforts to perform at a high level. Everyone involved develops amnesia as to what the goal might be . . . The DISTRACTION that […]

Before you judge me (or anyone else) . . .

Decide to be kind! This is the most fundamental principle necessary for effective (useful) communication. This is sometimes very difficult when the other party to the encounter is seemingly irrational and obviously hailing from a different perspective (Planet, universe, or reality) than yours. Our first instinct is primal – Fight or Flight – but that’s […]

You kicked sand in my face

My Daddy is bigger and stronger than your Daddy! Oh You’re gonna get it . . . My big Brother is going to beat you up. You are just a meanie! I’m gonna tell the teacher on you. Adult version: My Principal Broker is going to beat up your Principal Broker! If you don’t straighten […]

Always look on the bright side.

So often, it’s easier to see the dark side. It’s all around us . . . always. Facebook is an accelerator . . . It’s crowd-think writ larger than ever in History. We all have a choice! Do we join the herd and spew the rhetoric out to our “friends” and anyone else who might […]

We are all better than this . . .

I had somewhat of a revelation today and sat down at my computer to share and decided NOT to post it because . . . Before I started typing, I took a glance at my facebook feed and was appalled at what I saw. So many good people with lots of passion acting like 2 […]